Monsanto Pesticides

Monsanto Herbicides and Pesticides

chemical pesticideMonsanto has long battled the legal system, yet it has also benefited from lawmakers and our court systems. There are growing concerns across the globe that Monsanto is creating Genetically Engineered (GE) crops that are resistant to herbicides and the Monsanto pesticides. According to those concerned, the weeds and the insects that are invading these farming communities are also becoming resistant to these pesticides. Insects and rodents can destroy a farmers crop, and the thought of having to use even more pest controlling chemicals has some communities taking legal action. The idea behind the GE crops is that they would require less attention, and need fewer chemicals to treat the property for weeds and crop-eating insects. The problem now is that those weeds and insects are becoming immune to the chemicals and farmers are having to use even more to counter the efforts of those natural pests. These patented GE seeds from Monsanto and the pesticide packages they offer have dramatically driven up the use of other harmful chemical applications. We called an organic farm in Phoenix to talk about the seeding process and if they were familiar with Monsanto. While our discussions were brief, it became clear that they were not wanting to comment on Monsanto for legal reasons. The farm, however, does grow organically and doesn’t use commercially produced pesticide to rid its gardens of insects and rodents. In addition to daily maintenance from the farmers, the property receives weekly applications of organic chemical compounds to rid the property of plant-eating rodents. The organic pesticides are sprayed weekly by a company that provides pest control in Phoenix. They do not use pesticides developed by the big biotech corporations, yet have opted to create their own environmentally friendly pesticides. With Monsanto taking legal action against small-town farmers, will the farmers ever have an opportunity to win a case in court?


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