Washington Amtrak Repair Mechanic

Washington Amtrak Derailment Repair Mechanic

amtrak derailment WA

Many passengers aboard the Amtrak Train in Washington State that derailed on December 18th of 2017 have sought out legal advice in an attempt to acquire an injury compensation settlement. That deadly crash in December left 3 dead and 70 people injured. Speculation about the derailment has led many to investigate the speed at which the Amtrak train was traveling that day. There has also been speculation that the Amtrak mechanic that last checked the train before it’s departure may have missed a crucial detail regarding the Amtrak’s breaking system. The mechanics in the area that service government transportation vehicles like Seattles metro system, Monorail, and Amtrak say that the breaking system was services properly by the head mechanic in charge and that the crash was likely caused by excessive speeds. We reached out to a mechanic that provides auto repair in Redmond and they agreed that the service technician had most likely repaired the Amtrak for travel in a professional manner. So do the injured passengers have a legal right to sue for injuries and damages? What about the deceased? Can their family seek legal action against the train operator or the State? These are Washington State laws and regulations that will need to be thoroughly investigated and then presented in a court of law. Damages caused by derailment exceeded 40 Million according to various reports. This most likely does not include legal fees that will accrue as a result of the accident. There are also car insurance companies that will be seeking a financial settlement for their insured drivers. Those legal teams will definitely be seeking large settlements in court. The derailment and lost lives are a tragedy, but there could be some good that could come of it. If local legal teams could gather and help get a safety regulation technology called “positive train control” implemented then they could avoid potential disaster in the future should another Amtrak accelerate to high speeds. As long as the mechanics and engineers repairing and operating the trains can keep them mechanically sound and operating at safe speeds then these tragedies can be avoided.

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