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Have you thought about becoming a professional barber? Have you considered the legal process necessary for opening a salon or barbershop as a professional store front property? There are many liability issues that should be acknowledged prior to buying into a franchise or even starting you own business. We spoke to the owners of a barber shop in Denver and got their feedback as entrepreneurs. There were initially some legal woes that could have been prevented had they hired a professional legal team to help them set up the structure of the business. None the less, they were successful opening their barber shop in down town Denver and are considered the premier barber shop in town. Here is some information we took away from our conversation with them.

You need an actual barber shop license to get started.

What exactly is a barber shop license and why do you need it?

This is considered a general health license and it is meant to provide proof that you have the required training needed by your state to cut hair in a commercial environment. The requirements consist of a few courses you will need to study for, take the exam, and pass. The exam is about the process of cutting hair, maintaining a clean and healthy environment for customers through sanitation of your equipment, station, and the overall cleanliness of the barbershop as it relates to other regulations within the grooming industry.

There will be a wait before they award you your barbers license. There is a required inspection of the property that will take place prior to opening your doors to the public. The health inspector will have certain items on his agenda that he will be looking out for. In Denver, Colorado you will be required legally to have the following in the barber shop prior to opening to the public.

• sanitary shampoo bowl with hot and cold water spouts
• grooming chair for clients
• enclosed working storage compartments for clean supplies
• laundry hamper with lid for soiled towels
• dry sterilizer and/or sanitary compartment per work station
• work station and mirror for each licensed barber working
• covered trash cans kept clean and in sanitary condition
• wet sterilizing solution spray bottle per work station
• functioning restroom
• hand soap or sanitizer per restroom male/female

If any of the items listed above are not available at the time of inspection, the inspector may set a second date to return to your Denver barber shop to confirm that you’ve got everything you need legally to resume with opening the shop for commercial use. After your inspection meets the legal ramifications needed by law, your Denver barber shop license application will be approved.

Additional Licenses You May Need

Many businesses owners are not aware of the many licenses and permits that are legally required to operate a store front business, because of this legal council is suggested.

Depending on the requirements of the state of Colorado, there may be additional owners’ business license’s that give legal permission for you to register as a business with the Colorado state Board of Cosmetology, and that your shop meets the requirements of the state.

If your barber shop is run out of a residential address, there may be a specific home occupation license that is needed in the state of Colorado.

You can apply for your barbers license here:

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