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Texas Criminal Defense Attorneys

Texas is a state that borders Mexico and experiences drug trafficking, human trafficking, gang violence, and other criminally activity. The defense attorney plays many roles while working on a criminal case in Texas. Aside from the illegal activity at the border, the inner cities experience their fair share of violence and criminal activity. It’s the responsibility of the criminal defense attorney to protect their client and defend them against the charges that are presented in court.

Here Are A List Of Cities In Texas Where Criminal Defense Is Practiced Often

Meadows Place Texas
Sugar Land Texas
Fort Bend Texas
Rosenberg Texas
Stafford Texas
Richmond Texas

There are many other cities in Texas where criminal defense is practiced, but these some of the most affluent cities in Texas and they experience many criminal cases that are in need of qualified defense attorneys. Criminal defense attorneys like those at the Lawrence Law Firm, are very active defending criminals in Texas. With that being said, what exactly do these defense attorneys do on a daily basis? Let’s explore this now.

texas court house Taking The Criminals Case

There are a few different ways that a defense attorney can end up defending a criminal. Lawyers have some of the biggest advertising budgets, their names and faces can be found on billboards, bus stops, radio ads, television ads, internet ads, and online video marketing. With that kind of exposure, it makes it easy for a criminal to make a call to a defense attorney after an arrest. We all know Lawyer jingles, they get so much radio and local television rotation that it’s almost impossible to get some of those annoying jingles out of our heads. This makes it very easy to remember when the time arises. The other way criminal defense attorneys pick up cases is when a courtroom assigns them to a case. The public ends up picking up the tab and covering those fees with tax dollars, while some may find this ridiculous, it is how the system works.

Attorney Interview With The Client

When the defense lawyer finally gets some face time with their new client, the questioning begins. It’s important for a criminal defense attorney to thoroughly question the criminal about the charges and get as many details about the case as possible. Questioning the client while details of the crime are fresh is important, letting too much time pass may be an issue if the defendant begins to forget important details of the case. This will allow the attorney to gather enough information to build a defense case for the client. If this is a criminal case regarding marijuana, then details of those charges need to be researched so that the defendant is represented in court appropriately. If the charges are minor, let’s say for possessing CBD oils, then that needs to be presented in court.

Follow Up On Investigative Questions

Interviewing the client is only part of the defense attorney’s job. Next, a good defense attorney will investigate the interview further, follow up with potential witnesses, investigate crime scenes, question the arresting officers, and collecting evidence. Gathering this information will help the attorney begin to build a defense case that may win in the courtroom. One advantage a defense attorney has is reviewing the prosecuting attorneys case against the client. If there are holes in the prosecuting attorneys case, it’s the defense attorney’s responsibility to expose them and create objections that will influence a jury.

Constant Communications

As the case develops against the client, the defense attorney will be responsible for sharing any new evidence against them. They must keep the client in the loop during this time so that there is a fair opportunity for them to respond to the allegations. This is also necessary for preparing the client for the potential outcome of the case. Understanding the seriousness of the charges will help the client make an informed decision on how they may want to plea.

Selecting The Jury For The Trial

Prior to the start of the trial, the defense attorney has the opportunity to assist with the jury selection. This gives the defense attorney the opportunity to dismiss any potential jurors that my be considered prejudice, biased, or discriminatory towards the clients ethnic background. Even gut feelings are enough for a defense attorney to have a juror removed from the panel.

lawyer in TexasSetting Up A Plea Bargain

A defense attorney is the spokesperson for the client, so it is their responsibility to negotiate a deal with the prosecuting attorney if there is an option there. A plea bargain is usually reached when there is a more favorable option for the defendant that may reduce the sentencing and limit the punishment that they may be facing should they be convicted in a court of law.

Owning The Trial

It’s the defense attorney’s obligation to defend his client by any means necessary. When the trial begins, the prosecution will begin presenting their case to the jury. A defense attorney will be present, examines, cross examines, objects, and fights to defend the integrity and innocence of the client. If he can convince a jury that the client is innocent beyond a reasonable doubt, it’s a victory for the defense attorney. The trial is almost like a performance, the more you own the stage with solid data, facts, and a convincing argument, your chances of wining the trial will improve.

Dealing With The Sentencing Of The Client

After it’s all said and done, what happens when the client accepts a plea offer or is convicted by a jury of their crime? The sentencing begins. At this point the defense attorney will be responsible for representing their client in an attempt to reduce the sentencing. If they can convince the judge that the penalties against the client are too harsh, they may be able to get a reduced sentence, or avoid jail time all together by accepting other terms.

Becoming a criminal defense lawyer takes many years of hard work, but the rewards of winning in trial make that effort worth it. If you have considered becoming a criminal defense attorney in Texas, you should consider checking out some of these other resources.

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• Baylor Law School 

• South Texas College of Law

• University of Houston Law Center

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