Getting Out of Gym Memberships

How To Legally Get Out Of A Gym Membership

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We receive emails every month from people interested in learning more about strict gym memberships and if there is a legal way to get out of them. The answer in short is that a contract is a contract, and if you signed it then you are legally binded to that agreement for the term agreed upon. Now there are loopholes and it depends on how ugly it gets. Often times Gyms are willing to settle out of the contract for an early termination fee, and some gym owners will conduct business as business and hold you to it. Signing a contract for an extended period of time typically means you are legally obligated to finish the contract out. There may be an outage clause that allows you to pay a cancellation / early termination fee. We reached out to a Gym in Tucson to gain a better understanding about the cancellation process on their end and how their legal team handles them. As of this publication date we have not heard back from them but will update this post as information is received.

Note: If the negotiations with the Gym owner do not reach a resolution than a lawsuit may proceed. However, prior to proceeding there must be proof of one of the following defenses.

1. They Misrepresented The Offer

If you were signed up under the understanding that certain amenities were available, personal trainers, classes, or any other offer that was a misrepresentation of what the Gyms capabilities were the courts may side in your favor and cancel the contract. If these were the terms in which you entered into your contract then it may be appropriate for you to seek legal council.

2. Illegal Terms

There may be terms stated in the contract that by State Law are not legally binding and intact are illegal. This is a rare occasion as most Gym contracts are written up with local legal teams that understand State laws. If there is a term that exists in the contract that is illegal by state standards than it would be advised to seek legal council for further investigation.

3. Impossible For You To Fulfill Your Obligation

If life circumstances render you physically unfit to exercise and utilize the amenities provided by the Gym, the courts may grant the cancellation of the contract on your behalf. Typically gym owners are understanding of these conditions if they are truly the cause.

You can contact our legal team in Tucson if you have questions regarding the legality of your Gym membership.

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