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phoenix expert witnessThe construction industry is booming once again in Arizona and families are building and remodeling at  record pace. With new construction comes new legal woes as well. Custom home builders tend to find them selves in a crunch at time for over committing and may seek to take short cuts during the construction process. A professional construction defect witness can tell you if the Granite Countertops in Phoenix were actually the ones you ordered, or if the roofing company that replaced your wood shakes did so in compliance with city code. Often times homeowners are surprised by the lack of craftsmanship that a contractor will use on a home, in an attempt to cut corners, they will skip steps often deemed as cosmetic for the sake of saving a few dollars. If there was a contractual agreement between the contractor and the homeowner that was presented with imagery portraying the finished project then the construction contractor is obligated by law to finish the work as agreed upon. Arizona construction laws are complex and require a comprehensive understanding of construction, state laws, and local city laws. Construction permits in Phoenix may differ from those needed to build a new home in Tempe, so as a homeowner, do your due diligence and make sure the promises your contractor is making are legally binding and follow the laws of the city your project is in. General contractors and certified tradesman all need to adhere to these laws, regardless of the services provided. Any intentional effort to mislead a homeowner is punishable by law and can quickly become reason enough to have your license revoked. Arizona is known for protecting their land owners from fraudulent activity and continue to uphold their laws for their citizens. Hiring a defect witness is a simple process, you pay them and they show up to inspect the work done. If there is a complaint and you can point it out, then that will be beneficial to your case. If there is nothing to prove your case, it may become dismissed in a court of law. Something like switching out quartz for granite is an offense that could be proven in a court of law as long as you have written documentation stating that you were sold granite countertops and the construction company installed quartz countertops instead. Natural stone items are something the can easily be counterfeited with fakes stones, so be sure to pay close attention as the contractors install your materials to avoid being ripped off. If you find out after the fact, that you were misled and you firmly believe you have a case then contact us today for a no obligation appointment.

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