Arizona Solar Rebates

Are The Power Companies Legally Obligated To Offer Solar Rebates In Arizona?

solar rebates in AZ

This was a question we were emailed about today. I am assuming that the heat advisory and extreme temperatures may have encouraged this Arizona resident to write in about Arizona Solar rebates. There has been a lot of back ad forth with the power companies and the state regarding solar electricity. SRP and APS used to offer incentives for you to convert to solar and sell power back to the grid. This was a great opportunity for homeowners to save money on their electric bills while sending power back to a grid that needs it. This was an environmentally friendly way to go about saving Arizona homeowners money and helping out the city by increasing the size of the solar footprint. As with anything else, corporate greed always stands in the way of logic and morals. Those days of incentives from SRP and APS are long gone and homeowners are trying to find a way to go solar without it costing them more than it’s worth. To answer the question that the user submitted, “are the power companies legally obligated to offer solar rebates in Arizona”? The answer is no. They are not obligated to offer any incentive. There are incentives at the state level though as local government tries desperately to ease the load on the states power supply and residential solar panels are a great way to go about this. Early incentives and buyback rates have been grandfathered from early deals, those deals no longer exist for homeowners that are just no going solar. The best bet for anyone looking to go Solar is to try and purchase a property that has a pre-existing solar lease and has been grandfathered in on those rates. The power companies are not legally obligated to do the right thing, hopefully they will see their day in court and are forced to offer incentives and better rates to homeowners looking to go green with Solar electricity. For more information about solar leasing, incentives, panels, and costs, visit¬†¬†and contact Greg Field for more information on Solar rebates in Arizona.

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