Legal Process For Becoming A Barber

Advice For Setting Up Your Own Barber Shop Have you thought about becoming a professional barber? Have you considered the legal process necessary for opening a salon or barbershop as a professional store front property? There are many liability issues that should be acknowledged prior to buying into a franchise or even starting you own Read more about Legal Process For Becoming A Barber[…]

Construction Defect Witness Arizona

Expert Witness Services In Phoenix Arizona The construction industry is booming once again in Arizona and families are building and remodeling at ¬†record pace. With new construction comes new legal woes as well. Custom home builders tend to find them selves in a crunch at time for over committing and may seek to take short Read more about Construction Defect Witness Arizona[…]

Zombie Knives Are Illegal In England

The Banning Of Zombie Knives Zombie knives and weapons have become quite the craze over the past few years. With corporations¬†and independent knife makers all scrambling to get a piece of the business, those in the U.K. need to think twice about the legalities involved with manufacturing and selling this banned item. Apparently there was Read more about Zombie Knives Are Illegal In England[…]

What to do when about a wrongful storage auction

Seeking Justice Of Storage Auction Lien Sales We cannot stress enough that we know thousands of honest and hard working people who own and operate self storage facilities. No one wants to sell your items. The goal of self storage is to rent units, not to sell their customer’s belongings, but as the costs pile Read more about What to do when about a wrongful storage auction[…]

Things You Need To Know When Estate Planning

“You really don’t know what you don’t know” say’s one Phoenix Estate Lawyer. It’s not as simple as these online legal form companies claim it to be. Every individuals situation is different and if you look at it with a broad stroking brush approach then you’ll end up screwed in the end. There simply aren’t Read more about Things You Need To Know When Estate Planning[…]