Legal Terms For Organ Donors

Legal Terms Organ Donors Should Know Anyone who receives a state issued drivers license will have the opportunity to become an organ donor prior to receiving the license. This is a great opportunity for those that want to give life, after death. People all over the country are waiting for organ transplants, unfortunately, they are Read more about Legal Terms For Organ Donors[…]

Legal Advice For A Chandler SEO Agency

Legal Advice For A Chandler SEO Agency We receive many inquiries from local businesses regarding the legalities of certain business practices that may pertain to specific industries. For instance, we had a small business owner that provides Chandler SEO to business in Chandler as well as Ahwatukee and Mesa. The question they had was this. Read more about Legal Advice For A Chandler SEO Agency[…]

Washington Amtrak Repair Mechanic

Washington Amtrak Derailment Repair Mechanic Many passengers aboard the Amtrak Train in Washington State that derailed on December 18th of 2017 have sought out legal advice in an attempt to acquire an injury compensation settlement. That deadly crash in December left 3 dead and 70 people injured. Speculation about the derailment has led many to Read more about Washington Amtrak Repair Mechanic[…]

Monsanto Pesticides

Monsanto Herbicides and Pesticides Monsanto has long battled the legal system, yet it has also benefited from lawmakers and our court systems. There are growing concerns across the globe that Monsanto is creating Genetically Engineered (GE) crops that are resistant to herbicides and the Monsanto pesticides. According to those concerned, the weeds and the insects Read more about Monsanto Pesticides[…]

Data Disposal Laws

Data Disposal The proper disposal of data by R2 certified recyclers and electronic waste collectors was set forth by the Federal Trade Commission’s disposal rule. The following is referenced from the website of the Federal Trade Commission and is provided here strictly for client reference and is not intended to be presented as original content Read more about Data Disposal Laws[…]

Cannabis Recalls In Arizona

Arizona Cannabis shops have recently witnessed an influx in recalls from the state due to pesticides being found in marijuana plants as growers battle insect infestations. Arizona is becoming a major advocate in the ongoing legal battle that is positioning consumers and shop owners against growers and demanding that all recreational and medical marijuana be Read more about Cannabis Recalls In Arizona[…]

Legal Process For Becoming A Barber

Advice For Setting Up Your Own Barber Shop Have you thought about becoming a professional barber? Have you considered the legal process necessary for opening a salon or barbershop as a professional store front property? There are many liability issues that should be acknowledged prior to buying into a franchise or even starting you own Read more about Legal Process For Becoming A Barber[…]